Saturday, October 2, 2010


I over-think everything, so naturally this blog is taking forever to jump-start. I'm fussy about how the design organizes and presents all of the information, so it takes me 100 years to get anything accomplished at a satisfactory level. I went ahead and put up a post while I scratch my head about how to organize everything.

This is a blog about shoes, in particular the review of shoes. More specific still, it is a blog covering reviews of shoes that one would use to go running.

Running is a simple act. One only needs move their feet more rapidly than that of a walk to achieve this action of running. The shoe isn't so simple. The shoe is an outer covering for the human foot, where one-quarter of all the bones in the body reside. That would be 26 bones, making the foot a fairly important piece of bio-mechanical machinery for this simple act of running. The human foot is a naturally complex study, but running shoes are an increasingly confusing study. Who would have ever thought that something so seemingly simple as a running shoe could ever become a controversial subject.

I think the running shoe is a man-made sphynix. The puzzling question "What is the right shoe for me?" is the center of great debate. I don't think there is one correct answer. The last guy that answered the sphyinx's riddle ripped his eyes out. This blog's primary goal is to simply review shoes and their functionality. That's probably not the only thing that is going to be discussed though. I hope my eyes remain intact.

Stay tuned for the first shoe review....

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