Friday, October 11, 2013

Got Sodium...The Arkansas Traveller 100 attempt

strike 2! last weekend i went on down to Arkansas for my second 100 mile attempt. last year at the Javalina Jundred, I foolishly tried running 100 miles 4 weeks after a hard run at a 50 miler. the result was my MCL blowing up at mile 60. this year i did it right, training hard for a full 6-to-8 weeks leading up to the Arkansas Traveller 100. i was feeling fit and ready, as well as good and nervous the week of. i won't bore with tons of detail, but i was on pace to go around 18 to 19 hours and sitting comfortably in 3rd place when my body started reacting in a very peculiar way. we discovered later that i had taken in too much sodium and not enough water, transforming my body into a convulsing, smashed wreck that i had no control over. i had to drop at mile 84.

despite the obvious disappointment, there were some important details that i took away from the experience. here are 11 of them.

1-i got to experience life as a noodle for about 3 hours.

2-i can now say that it has taken me 2 hours to walk a mile.

3-go to SIMS Barbeque in Little Rock! the place has been around since 1937 and you might cry when
   you bite into the beef sandwich. it's that good!

4-the 8 miles of singletrack on the Ouachita Trail at the AT100 are awesome. as was the race
    direction and organization. i highly recommend the race to those wanting a late season 100 miler.

5-the folks at Fleet Feet Easy Runner are super nice peeps.

6-my family is awesome.

7-my friends Morgan and Ryan are awesome, too.

8-my girlfriend Lyssa is something special.

9-my beard is hot in 90 percent humidity.

10-forget 100's. next year i'm going back to focusing on 50ks and mountain runs.

11-13,000+ mg of sodium in 70 miles does not do a body good.

My two favorite pics from the experience.

with Lyssa at mile 68-ish

surrounded by the fam and friends

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  1. Wow. Big lessons. I can do 13,000+ mg of sodium eating potato chips, but I really try to avoid it. Hope you rock the 2014 season.